No more struggling with curling irons

"Effortlessly style hair while preserving its health overnight!"


1. Frizz-Free Silk Curls
: Say farewell to frizz with 100% mulberry silk.

2. Effortless Hollywood Curls: Achieve stunning curls without styling expertise.

3. Damage-Free Styling Solution: Ditch heat tools for healthier, styled hair.

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Silk Heatless Curls System
Silk Heatless Curls System
Silk Heatless Curls System
Silk Heatless Curls System
Silk Heatless Curls System
Silk Heatless Curls System

Silk Heatless Curls System

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TAJ Curls gives you the ultimate heatless hair curling system made with 100% pure mulberry silk. Say goodbye to frizz, improve hair health, and cut down on styling time! Our design securely holds your hair in a chic 1950s-inspired style while your hair transitions into stunning long lasting curls.

Our design solves the following problems:

  • Our 100% pure mulberry silk (grade 6A) reduces hair frizz
  • You don’t have to master difficult curling techniques with a hair straightener! Our system is easy to use to achieve Hollywood curls!
  • No heat exposure from hair appliances that causes hair damage and breakage
  • Ultra comfortable to sleep in
  • Our silk heatless curls take less than 4 minutes to put in at night, and even less time to take out when you wake up in the morning!
  • Time poor? Your hair can remain beautifully styled for up to seven days with a quick brush over in the morning!
  • Comes with a silk pouch to safely store your silk heatless curling system 
  • Going camping and have no electricity? No worries! You can still rock glamorous hair!



TAJ Curls has been my go-to for frizz-free mornings. The silk material makes all the difference! My curls are stunning and my hair feels healthier than ever. A game-changer!

Sophia Parker

TAJ Curls has simplified my routine. No more struggling with curling irons! A few minutes at night and voila - perfectly styled hair in the morning. Pure magic.

Isabella Grant

What I love most about TAJ Curls is the longevity! Effortless styling that stays intact for days. It's comfortable, saves time, and leaves my hair looking fabulous.

Emily Thompson

The comfort factor of these silk curls is fantastic! Plus, they're easy to use and takedown. I wake up feeling like a movie star every day.

Olivia Adams

TAJ Curls are a game-changer for a woman on the move. The silk pouch is convenient for storage, and the best part - no electricity needed! It’s truly a lifesaver for camping trips.

Ava Jenkins





TAJ Curls is designed for all hair textures, whether you have fine or coarse hair. The gentle nature of the silk fabric ensures great results across different hair types. Your hairs need to be shoulder length or longer.

The system is incredibly time-efficient! It takes less than 4 minutes to put in at night and a quick unravel in the morning.

TAJ Curls maintains curls for up to seven days with minimal upkeep. A morning brush through keeps them beautifully styled.

Absolutely! It's ultra-comfortable and designed to be worn overnight. The 100% pure mulberry silk ensures comfort and allows for a restful night's sleep.

TAJ Curls comes with a silk pouch for safe storage. It's easy to maintain—simply put it in the pouch after each use. The system is durable and doesn't require extensive care.

Yes keeping in mind the following:

• Professional dry cleaning is recommended or hand wash.
• Do not use bleaches.
• Do not tumble dry.
• Hang dry and avoid sunlight exposure.
• Use neutral or special silk detergent.