About Us


Welcome to TAJ Curls, where we're dedicated to transforming your curls and elevating your natural beauty, all while ensuring you "curl with care." 

Our vision was born from a simple desire - to make curling your hair easier, more stylish, and gentle on your hair. We embarked on a mission to create a heatless curling system that not only creates stunning curls but also prioritises the health of your hair.

Traditional heatless curlers have their shortcomings, often being uncomfortable to wear and falling out whilst sleeping. Many also struggle with using harsh hair straighteners to create glamorous Hollywood-like curls. We recognised the need for a more user and hair-friendly solution, making hair curling effortless, chic, and to protect hair health for everyone seeking gorgeous curls.


That was when TAJ Curls was born. A simple and easy to use heatless curling system that:

- Is comfortable to sleep in

- Includes all the products you need to achieve glamorous curls

- Looks chic and stylish to wear

- Gives you the desired glamorous curls without the heat damage

At the heart of our mission is the need to protect the health of your hair. That's why we use only the finest materials. Our products are crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk (grade 6A), the highest quality silk available in today’s market. Say goodbye to restless nights on a pool-noodle-like curler. With TAJ Curls, you can look forward to comfortable nights and radiant, healthy hair.


Our values are simple:

Care: Your hair's health is our utmost priority.

Confidence: We wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our products.

Inclusivity: We are strong advocates of everyone looking and feeling their absolute best.